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JoAnn Clough

GLFHA President

The Friesian Magazine Chapter Author

About our Club


Explore the beauty of the Dutch Friesian Horse and what it has to offer

Theresa Marshall

GLFHA Vice President

Midwest Horse Fair Coordinator

Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association

Tiffany Van der kooi

GLFHA Treasurer

GLFHA Keuring Site Coordinator

Nikki Augustine

GLFHA Secretary

GLFHA Keuring Silent Auction Coordinator

 Founded in 1989, Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association wasthe result of amazing people here in the Midwest wanting to share their love of the Friesian Horse.   The GLFHA can boost that they were the 2nd organized chapter of the Friesian Horse Association in North America by less than one month. 

The GLFHA consists of members mainly from the Midwest.  However, we have members that live all over the world.  Our members are small quality breeders, showing in dressage and driving (pleasure & CDE), approved stallion owners and owners who just love to have fun with their beautiful Dutch Friesian horses! 

GLFHA is continually asked to perform at the premier horse fair in Madison, WI every April.  The Midwest Horse Fair is known all over the United States. 

Never owned a Friesian but would like to know more? Don't worry! Great Lakes Friesian Horse Association works with Friesian fans and new owners.  Let us help you prepare to enjoy an adventure like none other.

Let us help you discover the beauty of the Friesian, the history and the alure of the beautiful black pearls known as the Dutch Friesian Horse.